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Xi’An Street Food Tuam is located at High Street close to the centre of Tuam Town. The restaurant and take away showcases and brings traditional and authentic Chinese food culture to Tuam.

About us

Our primary goal is to remain real and authentic by honouring the thousand year old culture and taste of Xi’An. The city of Xi’An is one of the oldest in China. As the starting of Silk Road, it has years of culture and time to perfect its unique foods and flavours. We here at Xi’An street food in Tuam are recreating these great flavours every day with our authentic Chinese dishes.


Our Beliefs

At Xi’An Street Food in Tuam, we believe in real food and also real flavours. All of our dishes are cooked to order with fresh ingredients. There is no artificial flavouring. You will taste a rich mix of herbs and spices in our dishes. But what you will not taste is MSG as our food can stand on its own feet. Our understading is that food should taste good and be good for you. Hence, we use only the finest ingredients, 100% Irish beef, Halal chicken and Halal beef so that our food can be enjoyed by all.  

A Bite of China

Our restaurant menu in Tuam includes a variety of popular traditional dishes. We also do family deals as well as a special kiddies menu. Our Xi’an specialities are a favorite of many customers.

Chinese food historian and well known author, Andrew Coe once described Xi’An regional fare as representing the wave of the future in Chinese food.” While Anthony Bourdain a big fan, Xi’An food is sure to set the standard for Chinese food in the west.

"Xi'an must be tried"

“The Tuam take-away & restaurant is very casual, with a lovely relaxed atmosphere. It is the perfect place to chill with your family and friends, sharing authentic Asian food and drink.”


Popular Dishes

Shown across are some of our most popular dishes at Xi’An Street Food Tuam. Our Oriental stir fried noodles with Chicken and Prawn has always been a favourite. Our Xian speciality dishes, such as Ramen Noodles is another great choice.

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